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Sexy sexy vampires as Hosts... Do I should say more? :eyes:
:iconlovebite-hostclub: ~ we search new members!




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I will be glad from any amount of points, even 1 point will give me happy face :iconrainbowlaplz:

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Feliks gif by oswo >>>:iconlovebite-hostclub:<<< Felicja gif by oswo
Loads of fun and sexy vampires as Hosts ~ do I need to add more? :eyes:
WE SEARCH NEW MEMBERS! So if You have time then please check this group :3

Loves to RP stamp by Marlin-Rae DA Stamp - Roleplaying 01 by tppgraphics :thumb313467743:
Stamp: OC And Roleplaying by Mewx50 ~ if You like my characters and want RP, then please contact with me. DON'T USE MY CHARACTERS AS YOUR OWN. It's simple like that ;_;

I love RP, so I would be very happy if You want RP with me :meow:

Here are my characters, stamp will lead You to bio:

Steadfast stamp by oswo Dash Hope stamp by oswo
Dawnfluke 'Big Dumpling' stamp by oswo Fluffykitty stamp by oswo Counterflux stamp by oswo
Invisible stamp by oswo Dismantler stamp by oswo Bazyl stamp by oswo
Dragwire stamp by oswo Harbinger stamp by oswo Henry stamp by oswo
Felicja stamp by oswo Feliks stamp by oswo Ulv Eventyr stamp by oswo
Bernard Taft stamp by oswo Peter Fin stamp by oswo

Interact Stamp + Plz by UnicornReality 'Notes make me feel special' stamp by Synfull Writing Stamp by WetWithRain
I'm a Perv :3 by PurrV Anything's Sexual Stamp by LexxyThirteen Yaoi Stamp by Clockwerk-chan
Unstable Mood Stamp by FaKePT Warning: Cancer by Nana-Beats K...A Stamp by AirieFeristo
I Wish I Could Stop... by SBT-stock Forever lazy by prosaix I cannot draw by prosaix
D-con Spark Beat by BloodyChaser STALKER KITTY stamp by oswo AM I HERE IN VAIN? by Nohrxinna Magic: The Gathering Stamp by themaskedcrusader

How big is Your OC?

Journal Entry: Sun Mar 30, 2014, 3:52 PM
Mostly TF, but I wonder also about fantasy-ish/human-ish ones.
With TF problem is that everything depend from their transformation scheme (from that depends that char shrink or grow), universe and often it's just pure magic (G1 Soundwave LOL).
Anyway I wonder that I scaled my chars right and want compare them. Especially since I affraid that I make them too small ;_;

Teh chars:
-> Harbinger by oswo - tall at 12.95m [42.49 ft]
He is plain boring seeker, with transformation that all seekers have. So nothing fancy.
Harbinger is F-18 Hornet:
Length: 56 ft (17.1 m)
Wingspan: 40 ft (12.3 m)
Height: 15 ft 4 in (4.7 m)
Wing area: 400 ft² (38 m²)

-> Dismantler by oswo - tall at 11m [36.09 ft]
Kamov Ka-52
Length: 16.0 m (52 ft 6 in)
Rotor diameter: 14.5 m (47 ft 7 in)
Height: 4.93 m (16 ft 2 in)
Disc area: 330.3 m² (3,555 ft²)

-> Fluffykitty by oswo - tall at 12m (? I still have problem to settle her ._.) [39.37 ft]
Vityaz DT-30:
Weight - 60 tonnes
Length - 16.08 m (52.76 ft)
Width - 3.1 m (10.17 ft)
Height - 3.29 m (10.79 ft)

It's two sectioned vehicle.
There is nothing about Vityaz section sized, at least I never was able to dig any usefull and belieavable source. Both halfs of Vityaz have 12 wheels, but I'm not surly sure that it's same lenght in both cases. But anyway let's say that main part have 8.08m lenght and trailer 8m.

-> Dawnfluke 'Big Dumpling' -WIP- by oswo - tall at 8.5m [27.89 ft] as adult / around 2m [6.56 ft] as sparkling (that blue one on references)
Cybertronian equivalent of upgraded 2K22M1 Tunguska.
Le wiki says:
Weight     34,000 kg (75,000 lb)
Length     7.93 m (26 ft 0 in)
Width     3.24 m (10 ft 8 in)
Height     4.01 m (13 ft 2 in) or 3.36 m (10 ft) (radar stowed)

-> Counterflux references -WIP- by oswo - tall at 8m [26.25 ft]
Counterflux is KTO Rosomak
Weight     22,000 kg (49,000 lb)
Length     7.7 m (25 ft)
Width     2.8 m (9 ft 2 in)
Height     2.3 m (7 ft 7 in)

-> Dragwire by oswo - tall at 4m [13.12 ft]
Dragwire is Fiat 126p and tiny tank
Fiat 126p have
Wheelbase 1.84 m (72.4 in)
Length     3.054 m (120.2 in)
Width     1.378 m (54.3 in)
Height     1.302 m (51.3 in)
Curb weight  580–619 kg (1,300–1,360 lb)
and fuck it, as tank he will have symiliar sizes as well

-> Invisible by oswo - tall at 3m [9.84 ft]
Invisible is pearl unicorn with rainbow mane. So she can't be too big. XD

-> Bazyl by oswo - tall at 13m [42.65 ft]
He can be as big as he wants in his alt mode XD
But when he transform from basilisk his size is settled and he is clearly tall mech.

-> Steadfast by oswo - tall at 12m [39.37 ft]
Steadfast was Cybertronian firetruck
Lenght: 11.85m (38.88 ft)
Width: 3.00m (9.84 ft)
Height: 3.75 m (12.3 ft)

-> Dash Hope Cybertronian references by oswo - tall at 13m [42.65 ft]
Cybertronian terrain defence heavy armored vehicle
Lenght: 10m [32.81 ft]
Width: 3m [9.84 ft]
Height: 4m [13.12 ft]

And dundunduuunnnnn Dash Hope by oswo (old refs, :iconalteride: will draw his proper references, so he will look splendid) - tall at 50m [164.05 ft] (55m would be better? ;A; )
Icebreaker Yamal.
Displacement:  23,455 tons
Length:     150 m (490 ft); 136 m (446 ft) at waterline
Beam:     30 m (98 ft); 28 m (92 ft) at waterline
Height:     55 m (180 ft) keel to mast head
Draft:     11.08 m (36.4 ft)
When he transforms then he shrinks. In that way he have practically indestructible armor. After all he stayed in base completelly alone, so he must be able to guard himself and base.

-> Henry WIP by oswo
Henry is young Rainbow Tentacle Monster
Lenght: 15m (without tentacles) [49.21 ft]
Width: 3.5m [11.48 ft]
Height: 3m [9.84 ft]

-> Peter Fin by oswo
Mermen: 210cm [6.89 ft]
Human: 176cm [5.77 ft]

-> Bernard Taft by oswo
Werewolf: 230cm [7.55 ft]
Human: 189cm [6.2 ft]

-> Ulv Eventyr by oswo
Naga: 230cm [7.55ft] - it's most common "relaxed" position visible on references; when Ulv is in danger he rise his body highter - nothing weird since most Nagas tend to do that I guess. All his body lenght have around 10m (32.81 ft)
Human: 188cm [6.17 ft]

-> Feliks Konieczny by oswo - 180cm [5.91 ft]

-> Felicja Konieczna by oswo - 178cm [5.84 ft]

-> Charles Maige ~~ Dark Elf mergel, soon I will have his refs, for now there is just placeholder in scraps, so I didn't show that image. Anyway tall at 183cm [6 ft]

How it looks in Your case? C:

Thank You!

Here are commissions, requests and gifts with my OC's:
Fluffykitty(bio), Invisible(bio), Bazyl(bio), Dash Hope(bio), Dragwire(bio), Dismantler(bio), Steadfast(bio), Harbinger(bio), Dawnfluke "Big Dumpling"(bio), Counterflux(bio), Henry(bio), Felicja Konieczna(bio), Feliks Konieczny(bio), Ulv Eventyr(bio) :excited:
Obviously I add works in random way because I like them all and I melt each time when I look at those works. ~ :heart:

:iconhana696: :
patience by Hana696 Hobbys by Hana696 Fkatstyle by Hana696

:iconkoch43: :
Commission: Ulv Eventyr by koch43

:iconicedemon23: :
DrawingGift:Feliks by IceDemon23 LBHC: Height Chart by IceDemon23

:iconsofia-1989: :
Felicja and Jack by sofia-1989 Mission 7 - part 2: the vampire cursed part 1 by sofia-1989 Love Bite - Merry Christmas by sofia-1989 the girls of Guests by sofia-1989 Chat doodle - LBHC by sofia-1989 mission 10 - bloody doctor by sofia-1989

:iconcrono8: :
RL OC commissions by Crono8

:iconninjalieh: :
The Spark Core_Scout and Bazyl by NinjaLIEH The Spark Core by NinjaLIEH

:iconkhaamar: :
Commission OC Fluffykitty by khaamar

:iconblack-heart-spiral: :
TFxOC Ref Fluffykitty by BLACK-HEART-SPIRAL Impending Beat Down by BLACK-HEART-SPIRAL Fluffy-Ankylosaurus by BLACK-HEART-SPIRAL

:iconcrimson-nemesis: :
Commission Oswo by crimson-nemesis Commission Oswo 02 by crimson-nemesis Commission Oswo 03 by crimson-nemesis Commission Oswo04 by crimson-nemesis Commission Oswo05 by crimson-nemesis bday-gift for Oswo by crimson-nemesis Commission Oswo06 by crimson-nemesis Commission Oswo07 by crimson-nemesis Commissionoswo08 by crimson-nemesis for Oswo :3 by crimson-nemesis Chibi for Oswo by crimson-nemesis sketch commission batch by crimson-nemesis commissionOswo09_1 by crimson-nemesis commissionOswo09_02 by crimson-nemesis

:iconmetallikato: :
.: v i v i d :. by Metallikato

:iconaiuke: :
Evening by Aiuke

:iconberiuos: :
MNC : Dismantler by Beriuos

:iconradegunde: :
MNC : FluffyKitty by Radegunde MNC : Invisible by Radegunde OCTF : Livestream request by Radegunde Livestream request  1 by Radegunde Com : Chibi Dismantler by Radegunde MNC : Harbinger by Radegunde

:iconalteride: :
Commission : Steadfast by alteride Commission : Dash Hope by alteride

:iconahrrr: :
Fluffykitty by Ahrrr Transformers - Fluffy 2 by Ahrrr Transformers - Fluffy by Ahrrr

:iconcatussnake: :
Sketch commish by CatusSnake

:iconbatchix: :
Commission: OC Fluffy Kitty by batchix Commission: Soundwave and OC by batchix

:icontugera: :
Fluffy Kitty by Tugera battle unicorn :0 by Tugera Battle Unicornn by Tugera Pet the Kittyy by Tugera

:iconxxautoconxx: :
.:.CM For Oswo.:. by XxAutoconxX Commission for Oswo by XxAutoconxX

:icond-structive: :
Commission for oswo by D-structive For oswo by D-structive Odd chibis by D-structive Fluffy,Rock and invisible by D-structive Fluffy and Battle-Unicorn by D-structive Fluffy little red riding hood by D-structive For oswo by D-structive Dash Hope for oswo by D-structive Oswo's commission by D-structive Oswo's contest by D-structive Chibi Feliks by D-structive Chibi Dismantler for oswo by D-structive LB chat doodle by D-structive Chibi X-Mas  gift FeliFela by D-structive LB Mission 8 - Christmas time by D-structive LB chat doodle 3 by D-structive Bazyl and Scout by D-structive Chibi Bazyl  by D-structive Fu*k my life by D-structive Gifty set n1 by D-structive

:icond-nightrain: :
Com GIF: Dragwire by D-NightRain REF Commission - Dismantler by D-NightRain

:icondjaimon: :
Commission: Pillow Fiiight by DJaimon Commission: Always by DJaimon Commission: Dragwire by DJaimon

:iconmizuyaiba: :
'Show me your teeth' by mizuyaiba Bash it Dash! by mizuyaiba Request - Dawnfluke by mizuyaiba

:iconyedg: :
Fast Sketch bust commissions by YeDG Fast Sketch Commission Ulv by YeDG What Is Going On Here by YeDG

:iconauroralion: :
Dawnfluke by AuroraLion

:iconnortstar: :
Comission by Nortstar

:iconprisonsuit-rabbitman: :
hedgehog suit for oswo by prisonsuit-rabbitman

:iconafrolady114: :
Dirty Mind by afrolady114

:iconneurowing: :
Fembot Commissions by neurowing

:iconflutterjet: :
Commission: UNICORNS by flutterjet

:iconbixo-dcepticon: :
It Wasn't Me - Comission by Bixo-Dcepticon

:iconai-eye: :
Commission: TF original characters by ai-eye

:iconsezwho: :
Transformer OC Gifts 2 by SEZwho

:iconnight-stalker13: :
In The Lime Light--Commission. by NiGhT-sTaLkEr13

:iconpika: :
Comish - Not So Little by pika Cool Night by pika TF - Caught You! by pika

:iconchibi-ika: :
Free Sketch by Chibi-ika Striper Leo by Chibi-ika RQ:Ulv by Chibi-ika Merry Christmas Batch 3 by Chibi-ika

:iconyukimiyasawa: :
Click for view the video!! by YukiMiyasawa

:iconstarshad0wz: :
TFPOC: Bazyl and Starshadow sketch by Starshad0wz Sketch dump 18 by Starshad0wz TFOC: Wanna taste my venomous kiss? by Starshad0wz

:iconbladejet: :
X-mas: Oswo by Bladejet

:iconbluekite-falls: :
Xmas Gift 11 - HURRR by Bluekite-Falls Xmas 2 - FLUFFY KITTY by Bluekite-Falls Have a Little Fun - Commission by Bluekite-Falls

:iconblackowle: :
Commisih Oswo by BlackOwlE

:iconsapphire91: :
"Great Escape" lineart by Sapphire91

:iconthefallenfell: :
good morning kitty~ by thefallenfell

:iconimgrungewerx: :
Fluffykitty by imGrungeWerX

commission 2 by IIFOG

:icondragonjg: :
Devil Claw 3rd Mission by Dragonjg

:iconinsanityvonduex: :
LB-HC EVENT 4 page 1 by InsanityVonDuex

:iconputt125: :
Magic Dazzaling contest entry by putt125

:iconxxdecepticonrosexx: :
Fanfics that make you Rainbow Barf by xXDecepticonRoseXx

:iconkingpress: :
Commision: Enough? by KingPressCommision Lovely Indeed by KingPress Commision Poloneza by KingPressCommision: Partner. by KingPressMerry Xmas oswo by KingPress Yes he is by KingPress

:iconpurrv: :
For OSWO by PurrV For Oswo 2 by PurrV
For Oswo 3 by PurrV High Five by PurrV
You'll Never Break Her by PurrV CS - FluffyKitty's Kitchen by PurrV Invisible by PurrV

:iconatalasirion: :
Happy Christmas 4 : Oswo by AtalaSirion

:iconvanillacompact: :
Strika and FK - love advise by VanillaCompact Invisible fanart by VanillaCompact More Invisible fanart -WiP- by VanillaCompact

:iconlyricabelachium: :
Commission 08 by LyricaBelachium Commission 7 by LyricaBelachium commission: comic oswo by LyricaBelachium


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How are You generally?
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Hiya :wave: iI saw that you Rped,and was wondering if We can do a Rp?
Hello! C:
I procrastinate ;_; It takes me to really shamelesly long time to reply, that's why I don't RP as serious matter.
It simply took me too long to respond ;_;
But when I will be ready to start new RPs I will post journal and collect peoples then. C:
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