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November 9, 2012
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Ulv Eventyr by oswo Ulv Eventyr by oswo
Name: Ulv
Last name: Eventyr
Specie: Naga; albeit Ulv can change his shape into human form
Age: Lifespan is longer than a human so he is quite the ancient being by human standards. He looks about the age of 30-35 years

Ulv is a tall (230cm/7.55ft as Naga and 188cm/6.17ft in his human form), muscular male. His skin is pale with a pearl shine in Naga form. In human form it’s just very pale, which gives the impression of being unhealthy.

He has two pairs of horns: First pair is at the base of his forehead. They are massive, medium length and at the ends curve down smoothly. Second pair of horns has their base at cranium behind temples. Those horns are even more massive than the first pair. They are shaped like a ram’s horns, with sharp and pointy endings with growths all over the surface like first pair of horns.
Ulvs eyes are characteristic. The whites/sclera are black, pupils are red (that isn’t anything unusual among his clan although) and iris have bright grayish-green color. The shape of his eyes is narrow.
He has large, manly lips. Nose is medium sized and a little bit perky. His chin is broad with a chiseled jawline, gives him a strong, masculine profile. Ulv also have black medium lenght petit goatee.
His hair is shaved at sides of his head. He has black short to medium length hair that parts at center area of head and combed into a flat Mohawk.
Ulvs ears are small but massive and their endings are pointed.
His neck is wide and muscular in proportional way. He also has a broad, muscular torso and hefty shoulders with toned arms. His hands are big, manly, with short but efficient fingers.
His skin is smooth in touch and is colder than a human.
The snake portion of his form is proportional to his massive upper body. A long tail ensures he has great balance and fast, fluent moves.
His scales are in colors of deep brown, black and orange. Deep brown is the base color, black and orange ones create patterns on his body. Same pattern occurs on his upper body; while in human form it creates an illusion of tattoos on his torso, shoulders and back.
Ulv does not have nipples or a navel even after shape shifting into human form.

He is poisonous. His fangs are in his upper and lower jaw but are not extremely long – rather short and thick than elongated and thin. Fangs in upper jaw are much larger and visible than those placed in his lower jaw. His venom is not very potent; a characteristic of his clan where durability and strength owes from muscles rather than toxicity of the venom.
This is a primary reason for his fangs being shorter when compared to other type of nagas. Also another characteristic of his clan is a defensive type of skin and scales; they are extremely thick and durable and it is really hard to puncture or cut them. Price for that was speed – his clan is not nearly as fast as other species of naga.

Ulv can shape shift into a human form but finds walking to be of a great difficulty. That is why he walks using a cane. It is made from solid metal and painted with a black shaft and has a silver engraved handle (something like this: [link] ).
Even then, however, he gives the impression of being a cripple while walking since his gait isn’t fluid and he hobbles all the time. He also cannot change his eye color which is why he always wears fancy sunglasses.

He enjoys wearing formal attire – a wide range of elegant suits complete with ties, slacks, and complimenting gear. From pin-stripe to jet black; his wardrobe consists of a menagerie of clothing that is reminiscent to a more modern-gothic aspect for the most part.
(For RP purposes: while shapeshifting his trousers etc “magically” disappear or come back. It’s same “magic” like with Optimus Prime trailer or other such stories. Sooo trousers just disappear in I’m-lazy-can’t-think-any-logic-explaination way and appear back when he shift into human form. Same with shoes.
YET! When Ulv must change his form from human to his true self in rapid way then his trousers will just tear to shreds. That’s why he always have additional pair of pants in his car ~ just in case.)

During his life Ulv has made many things; but one thing that almost never changes is that he is perfume designer.

Also thanks to his sensitive sense of smell he was able to create effective aphrodisiac, but he never sold his formula to any company, keeping it for his own use (~ *tehhehheeee*).

When he leaves his home Ulv absolutely always wears good perfumes. They are chosen to suit any situation; however, if he doesn’t have any specific event then he usually wears an unobtrusive scent: little bit heavy but filled with warmth and wooden tones, mixed with cherry.

Making new aromatics of perfume is his official source of income. From time to time he illegally produces potion that serves as narcotic. It brings on a really strong “high” and kick, giving an almost instant euphoria (no matter what species he has as his “customer”) thus it is highly addictive. That side effect is common mostly among the human race – Ulv is aware of this but he doesn’t bother with compassion. If someone chooses to try his brand then it is under the assumption said person does so of free will and responsibility.
His quite hypocritical moral code doesn’t allow him to sell his drugs to kids; no matter what species or genre the child has. It doesn’t matter either on what he would gain in exchange as well.

Ulv is also able to produce healing potions. However, since they are more difficult to make and more costly than drugs he hasn’t brewed any medicine in ages.

Some may wonder from where Ulv has learned about all these things.
In his past many, many years ago when Ulv was young he had learned to become a shaman. For everyone it was a surprising choice because of his large body type he could have become a warrior and thus his status would lead to being an elite. In his clan warriors are an elite class and are respected by everyone whereas shamans take one of a lower position in society.

Ulv didn’t change his decision and, thus, fulfilled his dreams.

At present it shows that Ulv’s decision was right. Especially as time passed; the world at large changing and causing him to adapt to modern times. This is why he is able to function so well in society despite the fact that most of his race is extinct.

Ulv has an affinity for antiques and enjoys art. Music especially is close to his heart.
He learned to play a classic and electric guitar. He isn’t a virtuoso, but he also isn’t bad.

Thanks to the funding he earns as perfumer (and obviously thanks to his illegal sources) he was able to buy his own home.
His house is placed on the outskirts of the city; built on a solid rocky cliff overlooking a lake.
Ulv’s house is a two-story model (it’s that one: [link] ).
He is a big fan of all type of technical innovations. This is present in his home as it is packed with a large amount of high-tech gadgets and gizmos. Amongst them he has antiques mixed in as he has an affinity of mixing the two styles.

He likes all types of food. His favorite, however, is sushi and cats - especially pizza made with fried cat meat, peaches, bananas, pineapples and big dose of cheese. (And because I know that people will confuse these two things ~ he is a hunter but not sadist. It’s like farmers who keep bunnies just for meat and fur – those bunnies are not treated like typical house pets, yet it doesn’t mean that anyone torment them.)

He also really enjoys cat’s fur and has a couple coverlets and carpet made from cat’s pelts.

Ulv would never, ever admit or say it aloud, but he enjoys to be pampered and adored. However, he isn’t an idiot who would cry for attention. The experiences throughout his life have taught him to keep to the shadows; act like a gray eminence instead of putting himself into the spotlight.

He has two dogs. A Caucasian shepard named Olo who lives in a large, comfy shack next to Ulv’s home and a German shepard named Sigurd who resides with him inside his home.

Ulv is a loner but thanks to his dogs he doesn’t feel solitary.

He spends a lot of time on social networks; usually online almost all the time. That is how he can follow all new trends and events from his safe and comfortable home. He really enjoys playing games and cannot refrain from checking out new titles.
From time to time, though, he feels the urge to go out and meet with real people. Just to be around them for the sake of it. That is why he rarely is met in clubs (unless they are of good reputation) or restaurants.

:iconblack-heart-spiral: was kind lady who changed my "almost english" into real English.
Drawing by :iconblack-heart-spiral:

Ulv Eventyr © *oswo ~ me! :dummy:

Sadly there are peoples who are too dumb to get basic rules, so I will use few things to state obvious:

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Veratai Featured By Owner May 25, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
nice naga x)

i have 3 of my own, but they are more WoW-based .u.
oswo Featured By Owner May 29, 2014
I'm really glad that You like my jerk :heart:
Nagas are awesome creatures, it's real fun to play with them *u*

I never played in WoW, what difference is between those Nagas?
Veratai Featured By Owner May 30, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
well.. WoW naga are more serpent-like and hunched over a bit, males have serpent/drake-ish heads, females have four arms, they both have a lot of fins and spines, being aquatic and… a lot of them are anomalies too, which they pride in being, like this guy… :XD:
tho i invented that one. an anomaly example in actual WoW game would be their warlords, especially High Warlord Naj'entus…
I just stumbled on this again! :P

MM, can I borrow him (and some very strong rope) for a few nights? >;D
oswo Featured By Owner May 30, 2013
Is that good or bad?

Awwww yiiissss, but You also must organize some gag to avoid his bitching about Dignity and such XD
Although he like kinky things, so whooooo knooowwwssss, maybe that rope will be for You? :iconimsrspervplz:
That's most certainly good.

Hmm... Ball gag could work. But I don't wanna hurt Dear Ulv's fangs... Hah! Dignity? He'll just be crying for release by the time I'm through! ;O

If that rope is for me, he's gonna need to escape it first... Damn, better get chains instead. :iconraepfaceplz:
oswo Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013
Sounds like perfect plans for Saturdays evening :icontehestareplz:

So so sorry for really late reply ;_;
And I am equally sorry for the late reply. XD

I am free any Saturday evening for this hunk! ;)
AshasCadence Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I friggin love nagas. They are just so cool and ugh there is not enough people in the world to come up with cool ideas for fantastic roleplays. So jealous you got a cool character!
oswo Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2012
Awawawawwswhdkjwekjdhekwkwfkjfgkerglk thank You very very much! :iconexcitedblushplz:
I really appreciate Your comment.Even if it taked shamelesly long to reply ;_;

Awwwww please don't be jealous, Ulv was random creation! xD;;;

Besides he is jerk. Jerkish asshole.
At least such impression he gived to my friend when I spammed her with things that happend in my head when I haved my oversleeping xD;;
Same as with ideas for members of his music band. Although I guess that it's interesting only for me so I won't spam here :dummy:
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